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Most often I read books so I can compare them to their movie adaptations. But if I’m hearing a lot of chatter about a book, I’ll read it to see why people are so interested in it.

Will keep you flipping the pages!

Dragons Don't Forgive (Fire Chronicles Book 3) - D'Elen McClain

I read through this book in one day. Thankfully the writing style was back on track in this novel. Still not sure why book 2 seemed so cave-man talk-ish to me.

This book was highly different than the first two. It seemed the author’s goal was to integrate the world from her other series into this book. As I mentioned in my reviews of the other novels, I wasn’t a fan of this. The vampires, wolf and bear shifters are glossed over, most likely because it’s assumed we have all read the other series. As someone who hasn’t, I was left—mostly confused. I was still able to enjoy the book, but I def felt like I wasn’t getting all I should out of the book. There were a lot of moments where I thought, “I bet I’d be excited to be reading about these characters if I’d read the other series.”

So you’ll probably enjoy the book a lot more if you’ve read the fang series. But as other reviewers are stating, this book will leave you in tears, it’s quite depressing. But a very good read that will keep you flipping the pages and on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.